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South West Past and Present

Stories and photos of my Life in the South West

About Me

 James Gillard (Jim or Jock to my friends and family)

Thanks and welcome to my world of fishing, hunting, the environment and life style of the south west 0f western Australia. my stories and photos tell of what used to be the conditions of our rivers, wildlife and forests also the creeks, water ways and volume of water that feed our rivers. ​ My story starts with my mother and father pictured above. My memories of days in the bush when my father and older brothers would go hunting for kangaroos while my self and younger sister would stay with our mother. We would build a fire in the middle of the bush track which was later known as the fire place, for them days we would rarely ever see another person. The amount of times we would see another person over a 12 month period dad could count on his left hand. Incidentally he only had 2 fingers on the left hand.

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